Odorous house ants are very common in our area and many areas throughout the country. They are a nuisance pest and therefore you will want to keep them away. The first step in controlling Odorous House Ants is keeping them out of your home. Below you will find some tips to help keep ants away from your home.

  • Store food in tightly covered containers and make sure surfaces are kept clean and free of spillage. Ants will love tiny crumbs, grease and sweets.

  • After feeding pets avoid leaving the food in bowls because this could attract the ants as well as other pest such as mice, flies and even cockroaches.

  • Trim all shrubs and trees around the home. Ants use them as access points by climbing on them and finding cracks and crevices to enter the home.

  • Rake and discard leaf debris and pine needles around the home as ants love to make their nests in the debris.

  • Discourage entrance into the home by sealing all crevices and gaps. They will find any little crack to take up residence in your house.

Once they take up residence in your home, these ants can be very frustrating but they can be maintained or eliminated.

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