February 11, 2018

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March 1, 2017

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Some of Montana's Most Creepy Crawlies: Have You Seen One Lately?

May 23, 2017


Within this great state of Montana, there are some of the most beautiful sites in the world. However, right in the middle of our beautiful background, there is a virtual breeding ground for insects and arachnids. Hiding in the shadows our mountains and terrain are some extremely creepy and dangerous bugs. Making contact with one of these insects or arachnids can cause severe or just straight scary sicknesses.

1. Black and Yellow Garden Spider


Not only are the yellow and black markings on this spider scary, but the fact that the females can become ginormous can leave any person running for the hills.


2. Black Widow Spider


The deadliest spider in North America, enough said. The Black Widow’s bite is extremely dangerous and can be lethal to children or the elderly. Also, they are extremely common in Western and South-Eastern Montana.

3. Bed Bugs


This disgusting little creature will bring a posse of followers to ravage a home, animals, and you. The little brown marks they leave on your bed is your blood and others being dropped as insect feces. Great HUH!!!

4. Blister Beetle



If handled in the wrong manner, the Blister Beetle will release chemical toxins onto your skin that will leave your skin extremely irritated.

5. The Bald-Face Hornet


The Bald-Faced Hornet is black and white and helpful to humans, but keep your distance as you watch them work.



6. Western Conifer Seed Bug


The Western Conifer Seed Bug might not be deadly in anyway. However, they do have the power to stink away a skunk.




7. Hobo Spider


These protective spiders will only bite if they are provoked, which usually happens in dark secluded areas of your dwelling or surrounding areas. Their webs can be identified as horizontal funnel shaped. Steer clear of this creepy crawler.



8. Yellow Jacket


The yellow jacket is one flying insect that we all know too well. They are aggressive and can leave a very painful sting.


9. Tick

Ticks simply feed off of the blood of their victims leaving disgusting and sometimes sickening parasites on their victims. If you live in an area that is surrounded by lots of shrubbery and trees, make sure to check yours and your children’s skin regularly.


10. Cow Killer


A Cow Killer is no joke. They may not be able to kill a cow, but they can leave a terrible feeling sting.



Which one of these are you going to come across next? We will leave that to you to decide whether you want to encounter one or not.







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