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Box Spring and Mattress Encasements

All-in-one solutions for preventing bed bug infestations in the future, and for combating an infestation now

Historically, mattress encasements were designed to with the Pest Management Professional in mind; as a reactive, crisis management tool to be used after a bed bug outbreak had occurred. Our CleanRest Pro encasement has changed that. We have moved away from the outdated idea that mattress encasements should only be used to entomb bed bugs that have already started harboring in a mattress. Instead, we promote encasing your beds with our Pro product before an outbreak. Not only will it deny bed bugs their preferred sanctuary, its waterproof sleep surface will also protect against stains and wetness.

It’s a little known fact that bed bugs hide in box springs; however, it is one of the most likely places you will find them. The dark, hollow space makes it the perfect place for bed bugs to harbor. They will hide during the day, and come out up through the mattress to feed at night. 

This is why it is of the utmost importance that you encase your box spring with CleanRest.CleanRest box spring encasements are 100% bed bug bite and escape proof, offering complete box spring protection from an infestation. CleanRest box spring encasements are designed with the same patented Zip-N-Click technology that protects our CleanRest mattress encasements.

An industry-leader in mattress encasement:

  • CleanRest mattress encasements are 100% bed bug bite and escape proof

  • CleanRest fabric can withstand up to 150.5 lbs. of pressure making it tear resistant

  • CleanRest has MicronOne® technology - the only material focused on the microscopic fabric pore size

***Please Note ***
If you are local in Lake County, Montana, please call 406-261-8865 to
set up arrangements to pick up locally and avoid shipping costs!

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