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Field Mouse

Field mice is a term used for a variety of mice found in the U.S. including house mice . As the name implies, they are common in fields, which is also true of many other mice species. However, several species may also be found dwelling in the plains, forests and in old, rural homes. Mice range in color depending on species and can be brown, black or white in color, with tails of varying length. They are extremely curious.


Many mice are scavengers that will feed on any food available to them. These mice are prey to cats, dogs, bears, wolves, snakes, owls and rabbits. Nocturnal in nature, they are cautious and  venture outside only after having fully assessed their surroundings. Mice use their coats as camouflage, blending in with rocks or dried leaves. Despite this, these mice are often consumed by their predators. Most field mice do not survive to their second year.


Females are able to become pregnant every month. Baby field mice are born blind, bald and deaf. However, within several weeks, they will have reached maturity and begin mating.

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