Volunteers are ROCKSTARS!!!

One of the most effective ways of giving back to your community is volunteering your time. Every fun event, fundraiser or non profit organization requires a tremendous amount of volunteer hours. Giving back to our community has always been very important to us personally and to our business. Most of the volunteers that I know don't necessarily have the time to volunteer but they have a passion for a certain cause or just a passion to give back to their community. The opportunities to volunteer in our community are endless. You can donate your time to places like the Mission Valley Animal Shelter, 2nds to Go Thrift shop, Safe Harbors new Sister Sallies Thrift shop, Light under the Big Sky

What? Montana has cockroaches?

Montana is known as "Big Sky Country" because of the unobstructed skyline that seems to overwhelm the landscape at times. Our state is beyond beautiful and living here is a priviledge that millions will never know. Since I have been in the pest control industry, many people have argued that we don't have cockroaches in Montana because the temperatures are just to darn cold. I agree about the temperatures being cold but that hasn't stopped cockroaches from surviving in our great state. There are more than 4000 different species of cockroaches in the world but the German Cockroach is the species that we have in our area. The german cockroach loves heat and humidity so how did they get in

Our days are never boring...terrifying sometimes but never boring!!!

I'm scared of many things...Spiders, smells and snakes top that list. Brita and Erinn are freaked about snakes, Tom is not a fan of fleas and our tough girl Haley is terrified of cats. (cracks us up) We are really good at hiding our fears (Fake it till you make it) but there are times that we are literally dying inside. Have you ever went into your crawl space? Some crawl spaces are really nice and dry and tall enough that we don't have to crawl, Some are tall enough BUT a muddy mess and some are so horrifying that just looking at it makes us shudder. When we open a crawl space door and see black widows it takes some serious self control for me not to pee my pants and take off running.

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