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Mattresses & Box Springs...They are an investment $$$

We have been wanting to purchase a new bed for some time but haven't had a chance to shop for one until recently. We went to a few mattress stores and actually found a bed that was perfect, but once we found the price we quietly left the store. Keep in mind, we haven't purchased beds for many years so the $10,000.00 price tag almost gave Tom a heart attack.

Mattresses and box springs are a big investment for families and it is very important to take care of our investments. We work in Pest Control so we see first hand what can happen with an infestation of bugs, specifically bed bugs to mattresses and box springs. People often ask me "Do mattress encasements really work and are they necessary?"

  1. Bed Bug Mattress encasements protect the mattress and box spring. They provide PREVENTITIVE protection to your bed. When bed bugs hitchhike to your home and reach the bed their movements are limited to the outside of the encasements preventing them from hiding in the box spring or mattress.

  2. If you get an infestation of bed bugs, the mattress encasements allow you to keep the bed because the bugs are trapped inside and will starve. Mattress and Box springs are expensive and having encasements protect your investment.

  3. The encasements also make bed bug control easier. The bugs are very easy to spot on the encasements so control can get started before the infestation can get out of control.

Bed Bug Mattress encasements work if you get the right encasement and f it is properly installed. It is important to get the right size because it is designed to completely envelope and seal the mattress and box springs. I have researched all different kinds of encasements over the years and have found the perfect one to protect your mattresses and box springs. The brand we carry is waterproof, has a patented zip-n-click closure system and MicronOne fabric that stops allergens, dust mites and bed bugs. I have a couple different kinds available which come with a 2 year warranty and a 10 year warranty. We have these on each bed in our home and in our Airbnb because we know an infestation can start with 1 pregnant female and if left untreated in 6 months the population could grow to 31,700. Call Xtreme Weed & Pest Solutions if you have any questions on these encasements.

And by the way...We still haven't purchased a new bed!!


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