Relay for Life-Lake County

Xtreme Weed & Pest Solutions had the opportunity to have a team in the Lake County Relay for Life this year and what an honor it was for us. The committee elected to have a carnival this year and the turnout was amazing. Our carnival game was called "Bug Smash" and the kids loved it. I was able to attend the Survivor/Caregiver dinner as a caregiver to my dear friend and what a joy that was. Not only did we get to celebrate the survivors but I got to sit with some amazing people that mean the world to me. I'm very proud of our team and the commitment they had to this event. Thanks to you all. Below is our introduction speech for our team. The Xtreme Weed & Pest team is participating in t

What happened to my yard?

Voles have been busy this winter wreaking havoc on many yards and trees. Voles do not hibernate so while we were enjoying the beautiful snow, they were underneath doing some serious damage. The average size of a vole is 4-9" long and about 2 oz. They have a round, stout body and have grey or brown fur. Their tails and legs are short and they have a blunt nose and tiny eyes. (disgusting little rodents). The average life span is about 3-6 months. The vole's home range is not usually larger than 1/4 acre. They like dense ground cover and voles commonly spend much of their time underground. They create complex burrow systems where they nest and feed on vegetation These nasty little bugg

“Sleep Tight Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite” 5 Tips to help prevent Bed Bugs while Traveling

Bedbugs are quite common these days and are found in several places such as hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. A common myth is bed bugs like a cluttered, dirty environment but bedbugs are hitch hikers and do not care who they catch a ride and live with. They can be brought in from any public place that you have visited and you don’t want your trip ruined by bringing home bed bugs. CHECK OUT HOTEL REVIEWS Before you book your hotel room, check as many reviews a possible to see what others say about the hotel and if bed bugs have been reported. 2. CARRY A FLASHLIGHT IN YOUR LUGGAGE FOR INSPECTIONS 3. KEEP BELONGINGS OFF THE BED, CHAIRS AND FLOORS I suggest putting your luggage in the


Odorous house ants are very common in our area and many areas throughout the country. They are a nuisance pest and therefore you will want to keep them away. The first step in controlling Odorous House Ants is keeping them out of your home. Below you will find some tips to help keep ants away from your home. Store food in tightly covered containers and make sure surfaces are kept clean and free of spillage. Ants will love tiny crumbs, grease and sweets. After feeding pets avoid leaving the food in bowls because this could attract the ants as well as other pest such as mice, flies and even cockroaches. Trim all shrubs and trees around the home. Ants use them as access points by climbing


They get their name from the fact that they produce a bad odor when they get upset or attacked. Experts say it smells like rotten coconuts ( I have never smelled a rotten coconut but I can tell you that they definitely have a bad smell) Odorous ants have a sweet tooth. They like sweets and are especially fond of honey dew but the will eat meats and dead insects. They are known to move their nests every 3 weeks or so in the summer. Their nests are very shallow so in heavy rains they need to move frequently to prevent drowning. These ants do not pose a health risk but they can contaminate food. Throwing out contaminated food is recommended to prevent food poisoning. Odorous ants do not bit

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