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Our days are never boring...terrifying sometimes but never boring!!!

I'm scared of many things...Spiders, smells and snakes top that list. Brita and Erinn are freaked about snakes, Tom is not a fan of fleas and our tough girl Haley is terrified of cats. (cracks us up) We are really good at hiding our fears (Fake it till you make it) but there are times that we are literally dying inside.

Have you ever went into your crawl space? Some crawl spaces are really nice and dry and tall enough that we don't have to crawl, Some are tall enough BUT a muddy mess and some are so horrifying that just looking at it makes us shudder. When we open a crawl space door and see black widows it takes some serious self control for me not to pee my pants and take off running. You can guarantee that I have nightmares for days.

Another thing about crawl spaces is we never know what we will find. Can you imagine crawling around the plastic and feeling snakes under your knees and then looking up and seeing packrats staring at you? This happened to Tom and he had the nerve to call me (I was on the outside) and asked me to grab snakes from the vents. (What the what?) Haley went into a crawl space once and had giant bull snakes hissing at her and had to catch them (Lucky she isn't afraid of snakes) Did you know how cute baby skunks are? Do you know that those cute little stinkers can spray? Don't be suprised if we are around and you get a whiff of some smelly perfume.

Our fears make for some hysterical memories and give us something to laugh about constantly. If we had a camera crew following us around I'm sure we would make tons of money for the funniest videos.


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