Fleas: They really do suck...blood!

Fleas can carry the plague bacteria and transmit it to humans. When there is an outbreak of the plague it often kills large numbers of rodents which forces the bloodthirsty, plague-infected fleas to gravitate toward humans. The plague isn’t just a disease of the past but we are fortunate to live in an age where antibiotics and good sanitation keep plague deaths to a minimum. Fleas typically inhabit the fur or feathers of host animals. The fleas body is smooth and thin which makes it easy for them to move freely between pieces of fur on their hosts. The fleas straw-shaped beak enables it to pierce skin and siphon blood from the host. It remains tucked under its belly and between its legs

KEEP OUT!! Pest Proof your home this Fall!!

It has been a very dry and hot summer but fall is in the air and with that comes cooler temperatures. The arrival of cooler weather brings certain pest such as rodents, spiders, box elder bugs, ants and stink bugs indoors seeking shelter for the winter. When making nests in walls, rodents can chew electrical wires, dry wall and damage insulation. They also pass on diseases such as Hantavirus and salmonella. Certain insects could cause harm if a person is bitten and they also can become a nuisance when invading your home. These pests can pose serious risk to both people and homes. Wasps and yellow jackets are also very active this time of year and getting stung could be life threatening

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