Earwigs...Do they really crawl in your ear?

I have a fear of earwigs!! When I was young someone told me that earwigs crawl in your ears to lay eggs and walk around in your brain. 1st off I would like to know what kind of person would tell a small child this and 2nd why can’t I get over the fear. Earwigs received their name due to a false belief that they occupy ears and lay eggs inside the human brain. Even though they could enter the ears, they prefer to stay away from them due to the lack of food and moisture. In my profession, I understand that they are harmless but I still have a deep set fear of them getting into my ears. Earwigs seem to be everywhere this time of year so I find it fitting to share some facts about earwigs

10 Stinging Facts about Wasps!!

Wasps build their homes in the ground, in trees, shrubs, in outside equipment, or in or on structures, including sheds, garages, and our houses. When building their nests they want to protect it from wind, rain and direct sun. Yellow jackets and some other wasps sometimes build a nest inside a wall void or in the attic of a home if they can find access from the outside. For a wasp, a protected area under eaves, the overhang of a roof, inside vents or behind shutters are great places to begin building a nest. In the spring is when wasps begin building their nests and this continues throughout the summer. The number of wasps and the nest itself grow in size as the queen lays more eggs. The

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