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Fear Factor!! WHAT SCARES YOU?

The Pest Specialists at Xtreme Weed & Pest Solutions handle many different pests during our days. We sometimes start with bed bugs, go to bats, then ants and we could finish with snakes. Our work days are always exciting. Pest Control requires a lot of training in order to know exactly how to treat and recognize all of the different pests we encounter throughout the day. Its amazing all the different species of insects, arachnids and rodents and all the different life stages there are.

We also provide pest control in many different areas around Montana. We currently provide services in Lake, Sanders, Flathead, Mineral, Missoula, Lincoln and Yellowstone County.

That is a lot of beautiful country that we get the opportunity to see everyday.

While our job is very serious we tend to find humor in most everything we do. Each of us have different things that scare us silly, (except for Tom who is not afraid of anything). This makes it quite entertaining while we are in the field. From snakes slithering across our feet, to bats flying at our heads and spiders dangling close to our eyeballs we have to face our fears on a regular basis. If you ever see us dancing around, swatting aimlessly at our hair or doing the hornet hop please understand we are trying to be as professional as we can. We always joke that we could make millions if a camera crew would follow us around for a week.

The Xtreme team makes it our mission to provide fast and friendly service while providing you will solutions to your pest control needs. We enjoy our customers and appreciate their loyalty and love meeting new people in all the different areas around Montana. We offer amazing programs to our client as an appreciation to them. New Client Discounts, Neighborhood Discounts and of course Referral Discounts. Our customers can get Pest Control at no cost with our Referral Discounts. Ask us all about our programs.

As far as Pests, WHAT SCARES YOU?

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