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10 Stinging Facts about Wasps!!

Wasps build their homes in the ground, in trees, shrubs, in outside equipment, or in or on structures, including sheds, garages, and our houses. When building their nests they want to protect it from wind, rain and direct sun. Yellow jackets and some other wasps sometimes build a nest inside a wall void or in the attic of a home if they can find access from the outside. For a wasp, a protected area under eaves, the overhang of a roof, inside vents or behind shutters are great places to begin building a nest.

In the spring is when wasps begin building their nests and this continues throughout the summer. The number of wasps and the nest itself grow in size as the queen lays more eggs.

The wasps’ nests most often seen on homes are built by the paper wasp. Their nest will become home to dozens of wasps. It consists of a single open cell comb that hangs upside down attached by a short stem. Occasionally, bald faced hornets will build their large, papery, ball-shaped nests under the overhang of a roof or under a deck. Wasps don’t re-use their old nests, but they tend to build new nests in the same general area as the old ones. If you had wasps’ nests on your home last year, you are likely to have them again.

  1. Wasps are inactive when the sun is down. They return to their nest at this time.

  2. Only female wasps have a stinger. Because the females can sting they are the ones to protect the nest.

  3. A wasp nest can contain between 5,000-10,000 wasps

  4. A wasps sting can be fatal to some people who are allergic

  5. The most common wasps for people to come in contact with are bald faced hornets, yellow jacket wasps and paper wasps.

  6. Wasps create their nest out of wood or mud

  7. Wasps are attracted to any source of liquid because it is a source of food and energy.

  8. A nest will contain a single queen wasp at any one time

  9. Wasps feed on sweet plants, nectar, fruits, honey, other insects and human food

  10. Wasps are NOT bees.

With the warm weather we have been having the wasps are becoming very active. They are desperately searching for food and water to take back to their nests. They are also building their nests larger to accommodate all the new eggs the queen lays. Wasps can make family gatherings, sitting on your deck and playing in the yard miserable and can be very dangerous to those who are allergic. The pest specialists at Xtreme Weed & Pest Solutions can provide you with many solutions to your wasp issues around your home.

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