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Tips for Fall Pest Control

The weather is cooling down, the leaves are turning colors and fall pests are starting to make their way into your home. The pests that overwinter are looking for a warmer place and the summer pests like flies and wasps are lingering. Fall "bugs" aren't the only pest looking for warmth, you have to watch out for rodents as well. Walls, closets, pantries and attics are very inviting for rodents. Maintaining the outside of your home will help control the amount of pests that get into the structure.

Stinging Insects:

The wasps, yellow jackets and hornets have been working all summer to create the largest nests possible. They have many young to feed and with the temperatures dropping it makes their food source dwindle which makes them very aggressive and hostile. Take caution to avoid multiple stings.


The south and west facing walls of your home may attract flies in search of heat. If the flies have already started to over winter a warm day may bring them out in droves. The common flies are Fruit flies, house flies and cluster flies.

Tip: Prevent flies from entering the home by surveying all entry ways and keeping doors and windows closed.


The cool weather may bring ants indoors. Ants sometimes move their colonies into the walls of your home or beneath a slab of the foundation to escape the cold. Pavement ants and odorous house ants can have hundreds of workers inside your home.

Tip: The ant colonies can be difficult to locate. If problems persist, contact our pest control professionals. Homeowners should take caution before self treating as sometimes this makes the problem worse.


People tend to see more spiders than normal inside this time of year because of the mating cycle of the specific spider. The males are actively searching for mates during this time. Spiders eat other insects and very rarely bite a human unless they feel threatened. We have several spiders around our area but the Black Widow and Hobo Spiders are typically the

only ones that can cause concern if a person is bit.

Tip: Many spider encounters can be avoided simply by picking up and reducing clutter around the house.

Stink bugs, Box Elder bugs and Conifer Seed Beetles:

They will make their way indoors to find a cozy spot to over winter. Once they are in its very hard to get rid of them because they can get into the walls.

Tip: Look very carefully on the outside of your homes for any entry points before the weather gets cold. Seal up these entry points before the insects have a chance to make their way into your home. Late summer and early fall are the optimal time to treat for these bugs.

Rodents can be found anywhere inside the home. They carry all kinds of diseases and illnesses. Mice can access your home in any opening the size of a pencil. They can cause harm to your property by gnawing through wires, leaving behind droppings and nesting in insulation.

Tip: Conduct a very thorough exterior and interior inspection for gaps and holes where rodents can enter.

There are some quick and easy things you can do to make sure your homes exterior and landscaping are well maintained and can remain relatively free of pests for the months ahead.

1. Be sure to check the exterior of your home for holes and gaps, especially near utilities and pipes.

2. If plants in your garden or around your home are past their prime, pull them out, and be sure to remove leaves or lawn debris from your garden or lawn. If your plants are overgrown, cut them back so they are not touching your homes exterior.

3. If you are getting a firewood delivery, keep the wood piles at least 20 feet away from the home and try to keep it elevated if possible. The further the firewood is away from the home the better means of protection from carpenter ants and other pests.

Fall is a beautiful time of year and more lovely if you don't have unwanted visitors in your home. Late summer and Fall are the optimal time to treat your home for these pests. The pest professionals at Xtreme Weed & Pest Solutions can point out places where these invaders can enter your home and make recommendations on how to exclude them.

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