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What is that noise? Could it be St. Nick and his reindeer? or something worse? Keeping Rodents out

Did anyone hear the pitter patter of St. Nick and his reindeer on your roof this year? If you listened very closely you could have heard scratching noises or feet scurrying around your home. This most likely was NOT St. Nick and his reindeer but instead it was rodents. Mice, squirrels and pack rats love to move into your home during the colder months without your consent. It is important that homeowners and business owners take steps to prevent them from coming inside not only for the damage they cause but also for the many diseases they carry.

Rodents come inside for food because their food source becomes scarce during the winter months. Your kitchens or break rooms provide easy access to food for them. They also come inside looking for shelter and your home or business are perfect areas for shelter. They find it easy to start raising a family with readily available food and shelter.


  • Store outside trash cans away from your home or business and make sure lids are securely closes

  • Store all food in rodent-proof containters

  • Remove trash from your home or business daily

  • Clean up any food crumbs and spills quickly

  • Inspect around your home or business for entry points

  • Repair holes in any screens, make sure vents have screens, seal up openings, check cracks in the foundation, check gutters and roof lines for problems and install door sweeps

While these tips are helpful, there's no true way to prevent rodents from entering your home without professional extermination help. At Xtreme Weed & Pest Solutions, our expert technicians will eliminate rodents from your home or business and will inspect your Montana property to keep them out for good.

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