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It seems the world is sometimes full of negativity. Watching the news or looking at social media is very disappointing at times but I would like to share a few stories that are far from disappointing. These stories have nothing at all to do with pest control but have touched our lives and given me hope for our future generations.

Years ago when our youngest daughter was born with a physical disability, Tom and I decided we would never hold her back from anything she wanted to do. Little did we know that she would be somewhat of a dare devil and would want to try everything. We handled her wanting to barrel race, show horses, and hunt but one day she came home from school and wanted to join the basketball team. Her older sister played on the high school team and Shelby wanted to be just like her. Tom and I discussed this and decided the only safe way for her to play would be to wear a helmet and we knew that our stubborn little girl would never agree to that so for the first time in her life we told her she couldn't participate. Imagine her devastation and of course ours as parents. It was very difficult for us all. Kaneesha, being the big sister and Shelby's protector must have went to practice and mentioned what was happening. Later that evening,we got a phone call from Kayla Couture asking to speak to Shelby. Kayla was a Varsity basketball player and one of the coaches for the little dribbler teams. She asked Shelby if she would be a coach with her for the little dribbler season. Shelby agreed and was at every practice and game coaching along side Kayla. I'm not sure if Kayla understood at the time what an amazing thing she had done for our little girl but it made a huge impact on us as well as Shelby. Her phone call healed our broken hearts over telling Shelby she couldn't participate and gave Shelby so much confidence. Thank you Kayla, your kindness will never be forgotten.

Our grandson Hunter has grown up around wrestling. He has had the opportunity to be subjected to many positive influences in his little life. Charlie Klepps, who last night became a 4 time State Wrestling Champion is one of those influences. This guy is not only an outstanding athlete but a top notch student as well and it doesn't stop there. This high school student always takes the time for our grandson. Charlie takes time from his weekends to travel to Hunters wrestling tournaments to help coach him, will work with him in practice and will even send texts back to him when Hunter gets his moms phone. Out of all of his accomplishments, this kindness to a little boy is what I will always remember. Charlie had a huge night last night...becoming a 4 time state champion and you know what he did...He took off his medal and gave it to my grandson. I hope this young man realizes how important he is in the eyes of a 8 year old little boy.

I'm sure there are many stories like this and I would love for you to share them. I do believe positive stories like these beat the negative stuff going on in the world right now.

"Choose your role models wisely because they become your heroes. You will remember what they would do, and that becomes your pattern, enabling you to make wise decisions. And before you know it, others will be looking up to you and patterning their good behavior based on a role model they admire-YOU" Elder Benson E. Misalucha

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